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Filming in Spain

Fixer in Spain

Filming in Spain gives you access to beautiful locations like Barcelona, Madrid, and more. If you’re looking for a fixer in Spain, we can take you to places such as Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, Real Alcazar de Sevilla, and more. But even if you’re in Spain for a short time, you will need documentation to be able to do any work. This includes necessary visas and film permits for filming in Spain. Fortunately, Fixer Spain can help you navigate the process of getting all these licenses.


Visa for Spain

Film Permits in Spain

Getting film permits in Spain will be necessary when you want to shoot in urban spaces, public roads, and other locations. Our fixer in Spain will help you obtain all the right permits so you can be authorized to shoot wherever you want to complete your project. Bear in mind that without a film permit, you may not be allowed to record in certain spots. Our team ensures you abide by the laws and don’t get in trouble with the authorities.

Special equipment
renting info

Our film fixer in Spain has all the equipment you may need to shoot in the country and produce the best content. We are constantly working with professional equipment rental stores so we can offer the necessary gear to help make your production perfect. You can even import your own equipment if you wish, but keep in mind that extra documentation may be required to transport everything to Spain. However, we are ready to help you and streamline the process.

Cultural facts

Aside from getting your film permits in Spain, you will also have to know the nation’s cultural norms. For instance, introductions are pretty formal, but things get more relaxed after that. Spanish people become familiar and warm once they know you. Tipping is also common when eating or drinking out to show appreciation for the service. It is also not recommended for men to be bare-chested unless they’re at the beach. Swimwear in public places is only regulated in some towns.

Weather when filming in Spain

Spain is known as a very bright, sunny, and warm country. When filming in Spain, chances are the weather will be good, but it all depends on the season and area. The country gets 3,000 hours of sunshine annually, with spring and autumn enjoying the mildest temperatures. July and August are the hottest months of the year, whereas December, January, and February are the coldest. Also, while the central inland areas have a continental climate, the south and east coasts have a Mediterranean climate, and the northwest regions feature an oceanic climate.

Tax rebate in Spain

Shooting in Spain comes with a huge benefit: a tax incentive. Our fixer in Spain can help you obtain tax incentives for your production. International shoots can benefit from a tax rebate of up to 30%. The Canary Islands are an exception, though, as they offer a tax rebate of up to 50%. Meanwhile, you get up to 35% in tax rebate from Navarre. You can rely on our production company to help you access these incentives while you shoot in Spain.

Filming in Spain

Once you reach out to our fixer in Spain, you can rest assured that you will quickly obtain all the film permits and travel documents you need. Fixer Spain will help you find the right location for your project, use top-notch equipment, and ensure you get the proper tax incentives.

Fixer Spain works with vetted professionals who can offer advice and help you with equipment rental, among other things. Spain is a stunning location, but you may not be able to record in some places unless you obtain the necessary permit first.

If you’re ready for this adventure, contact Fixer Spain and tell us about your project. We will reach out as soon as possible.

filming in spain